Investment Strategy

We are committed to building and actively managing a well-defined portfolio to ensure investment success in the long run.

To devise an optimal investment strategy, we assess our clients’ current circumstances, financial objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity. We then build a tailor-made portfolio that will meet the clients’ risk and return preferences and select the most appropriate assets after careful analysis. Thereafter, we closely monitor each position and enter or exit in response to the on-going developments in the market.

Our clients’ continuous input allows us to adapt our investment strategy at any time if their needs or requirements change.

At Falcon, we do not aspire to be the largest independent asset manager within the industry. Rather, we look to partner with a select group of clients so as to ensure our investment services remain highly personalised and focused on delivering consistent and measurable results.

Our experience and performance track record clearly demonstrates our ability to achieve these results with an overriding attention to risk management. We believe that our transparency, integrity and commitment to ensuring a complete alignment of interests is what sets us apart from our peers.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you and help you pursue your wealth management goals.

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