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Falcon Investment VCC Structure

Falcon Investment Advisors heralds a transformative era in Singapore’s corporate realm since its inception on January 14th, 2020. Tailored to meet diverse fund needs, it swiftly emerges as a game-changer in the financial landscape. This innovative framework offers unmatched flexibility and efficiency in the region, solidifying Singapore’s status as Asia’s premier fund management destination. With streamlined establishment, operation, and regulation, Falcon Investment Advisors propels Singapore’s global financial competitiveness, unlocking unprecedented growth opportunities for fund managers.

Key players in the vcc


VCC Directors

VCC Directors craft fund strategy, manage outreach, and fundraising for investors. They can be overseas if linked to a Singapore-based fund manager.

Singapore Licensed Fund Manager

A Singapore FMC is vital for VCC compliance with MAS regulations, coordinating with service providers and stakeholders for seamless operations.

Fund Service

The service providers that provide the operational services for the fund. These include accounting, auditing, legal, and administrative services.

VCC Umbrella

The VCC structure enables 13O/U tax exemptions on umbrella level. It can operate as standalone or umbrella with segregated assets.

Tax Exemption Requirements

For license-managed VCCs
130 Resident Tax Exemption 13U Enhanced-Tier Tax Exemption
Tax Residency Fund must be tax resident of Singapore Fund can be constituted in Singapore or overseas
Fund Manager Requirements Requires a Singapore-based CMS licensed fund manager Requires a Singapore-based CMS licensed fund manager with 3 investment professionals
AUM No restrictions Minimum fund size of SGD 50 million
Fund Reporting Requirement Min. SGD 200,000 annual expenses Min. SGD 200,000 annual local business spending
Fund Administration Requirement Annual statements to investors. Tax filing to IRAS for non-qualifying investors. None needed
Fund Administration Requirement Requires a Singapore fund administrator
Other Reporting Requirements Annual MAS declaration & annual tax returns to IRAS
Universal Flexibility

Tax Exemption Requirements


Private Equity & Venture Capital


External Asset Managers & Multi Family Offices


Hedge Funds


Retail Funds



Benefits of the VCC

Limitless Scalability

VCC enables unlimited sub-funds for scalability and flexibility as you expand.

Unbounded Flexibility

Diversify investments: private, public, real estate. Cover all asset classes.

Umbrella Efficiency

Umbrella VCC tax exemption: Sub-funds meet requirements individually.

Access Singapore

VCC ensures asset protection in Singapore, facilitating long-term residency opportunities.